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Barriercrete: A Water-Tight Ready-Mix

  • Water resistant concrete that's perfectly designed for pools, ponds, water tanks and other uses where water-repellent concrete is required.
  • Environmentally safe and an excellent solution for high water table areas
  • A year-round product that contains no calcium chloride and reduces efflorescence
  • Inhibits vapor transmission and water intrusion and may be used in lieu of a low grade vapor barrier
  • Very affordable

    New and Improved!

    In addition to BarrierCrete, Shamrock now offers BarrierCrete Plus! BarrierCrete Plus is still very affordable but is specially formulated to greatly improve water-repellence and further inhibit water vapor transmission and water intrusion. Compressive strength is also improved and efflorescence reduced.

    Independent Lab Testing

    Both Shamrock's BarrierCrete and BarrierCrete Plus have been tested by DCI (Dynamic Consultant's, Inc., Mountain View, CA) against the leading integral "water-proofing" materials found on the market today. The test used was ASTM C642 (modified) for water absorption. The results speak for themselves.

    Price Comparison

    See for yourselves how affordable BarrierCrete and BarrierCrete Plus water-repellent concretes are when compared to integral "water-proofing" materials currently available on the market today.


    Both BarrierCrete and BarrierCrete Plus have been designed to be placed at a 5 1 inch slump for ease of placement.

    How to Order:

    A more detailed technical report will be furnished upon request. For more information about our ready-mix solutions please contact our sales department at:
    (800) 675-1511 Fax: (707) 765-0459