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The Ultimate in Concrete Cold Relief!

  • Faster and easier finishing, pumping and placement

  • Control setting time of concrete during cold weather

  • 8-10 hours of setting time can be reduced to 4-5 hours

  • Reduce costly winter delays

  • New and Improved!

    Shamrock now offers a new and improved WinterCrete! WinterCrete still sets up fast in cold weather, but now it is designed for easier finishing, pumping and placement. This new WinterCrete is the ultimate in cold weather concrete. See for yourself why WinterCrete has become the preferred contractor choice for winter conditions!

    When Time is Money

    WinterCrete allows you to pour concrete in low ambient temperatures for more days of the year without freezing or long setting times. Concrete placed during the winter months can virtually have the same setting characteristics as those placed during the spring and summer months. This benefit is WinterCrete's number one advantage.

    Accelerate and Control Setting

    WinterCrete will not flash set! The dosage rate of WinterCrete can be adjusted to control setting time according to your needs. This unique feature results in earlier finishing of slabs and reduced overtime costs. WinterCrete significantly reduces your largest expense-labor costs!


    Outside Temperature @ Placement Time

    Winter Crete Dose

    32 - 39 F

    40 - 49 F

    50 - 59 F

    Normal Set Time 10-13 Hrs. 7-10 Hrs. 6-9 Hrs.

    10 ozs./CWT.

    1/2 Dose

    7-9 Hrs. 5-7 Hrs. 4-6 Hrs.

    20 ozs./CWT

    Full Dose

    6-8 Hrs. 4-6 Hrs. 3-5 Hrs.

    30 ozs./CWT

    1-1/2 Dose

    5-7 Hrs. 3-5 Hrs. 2-4 Hrs.

    40 ozs./CWT

    Double Dose

    4.5-6 Hrs. 2.5-4 Hrs. 1.5-3 Hrs.

    All times are intial set times measured by ASTM C-403 at a 4" Slump 1" at a minimum depth of 4"-5". The initial setting times for each dose are approximate and can change based on field conditions and materials. All times represent setting times for sack contents between five and six sacks with or without fly ash.

    Caution: You should not use Pozz 200N at 5ozs./CWT with Wintercrete admixture. This may cause your concrete to retard an additional 30 minutes to 3 hours depending on the ambient temperature. For temperatures or dosage rates above or below the ranges listed please contact Shamrock's technical services department.