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The Superior Fill Material
Shamrock Flowable Compacting Fill (FCF) is a series of multi-purpose fill materials consisting of a unique blend of aggregates, cement, pozzolans, water and admixtures. FTF is placed at a flowing to fluid consistency requiring no tamping or compacting to achieve desired density and strength. FCF's load capacity is typically higher than compacted soils, yet it can be excavated by conventional means. The ease of placement of Shamrock's FCF make it superior to standard backfill.

Product Use

FCF can be used wherever soil backfill is used and in most cases where granular backfill is used.


Fluid consistency of 9" slump or more without segregation
Achieves consolidation in a few hours w/no tamping or mechanical compaction required
Completely fills the cavity with minimal shrinkage & settlement
Compressive strengths of 50-500psi
Can easily be pumped into place
Can be colored


Easily placed in one lift with minimal effort greatly reducing labor & equipment costs
Eliminates non-uniform compaction and allows for pavement or other materials to be placed directly over FCF
Complete void filling by fluid displacement method. Decreases maintenance costs due to settlement
Stronger & more durable than soil yet excavatable.
Reduces down time on many hard to get applications
Soil/color coding for various utilities is achievable
Eliminates the need for compaction equipment and usually requires no inspection

Typical Uses for FCF:

Trench Backfill
Foundation sub-base
Retaining wall backfill
Paving sub-base
Pipe bedding
Culvert backfilling
Temporary slabs
Bridge abutment backfill
Abandoned sewer line fill
Abandoned manhole fill
Backfill for electrical ducts
Wherever compacted backfill is used


Flowable Compacting Fill is currently available from your Shamrock Materials facilities. To order, simply select the appropriate FCF number on the guide below according to the fill characteristics needed, or contact your local Shamrock representative for assistance.

1505 Tailgate Backfill

Backfill materials which is designed for use in accessible areas where fill location can be reached and discharged out of the back of the ready mix truck. 1505 is specifically developed for moderate flowing characteristics

1500 Pump Mix Backfill

Backfill material designed for use in hard to reach areas where a pump is needed for placement. 1500 is ideal for requirements of pumps.

Please Note: FCF achieves its final compaction primarily by dehydration (drying out). This process progresses faster in sandy or porous soils than in clay or impervious soils.