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MasterColor Integral Liquid Color System
Form your dreams in colorful concrete!

It's taken for granted that concrete comes in one color...dull. Now, with MasterColor Integral Liquid Colors, ordinary concrete can be transformed into striking structures that stand out, or pavement colored to blend into the surrounding environment. As with all concrete, MasterColor Colors are strong, durable and long lasting. Installation requires less labor and is cleaner and easier than toppings, stains or coatings. Choose from a wide standard pallet of 20 colors, or you can request a custom color!

Colored, decorative concrete is not the same as colored paint on a wall or other structure. Pigments in concrete and pigments in paint are worlds apart. Paint and its pigments and components can be precisely controlled to produce an end product of consistent color which can be precisely replicated time after time. Colored concrete, by its nature, rarely can achieve such consistency.

Integral Liquid Colors are ideal for:

  • Paving
  • Landscaping
  • Buildings
  • Structures
  • Long lasting durable, non-fading color

Call your local Shamrock dealer or salesman for complete product literature, samples, technical assistance and tips on designing your next project with Shamrock's Liquid Colors.
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**There are many factors that can impact the finished appearance of colored, decorative concrete. Concrete is produced from natural materials. Different cements, sand, rock, mixing, job-site conditions, finishing, and curing methods as well as contractor technique can alter and determine the final color. Because these factors, conditions of use and application of our colored products are beyond our control. Therefore, Shamrock Materials, Inc. MAKES NO WARRANTY OF MERCHANTABILITY OR FITNESS FOR ANY PARTICULAR PURPOSE and expressly disclaims liability for consequential or incidental damages whether based on theories of warranty or negligence.