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Shamrock Materials, Inc. is locally known for its high quality concrete, professional service, and technical expertise. Internationally known for its innovative concrete solutions, Shamrock can pour on those specific projects with special needs.

Shamrock has formulated special concrete mixes to handle a variety of specific needs, such as BarrierCreteŽ, which is a water resistant concrete that is environmentally safe and an excellent solution when water repellent concrete is required.

Shamrock has been innovative in the making of flowable compact fill, which is a fluid concrete product that lowers in place cost for the engineering contractor.

Shamrock's Liquid Color system can transform your concrete project into striking structures or pavement that make a colorful statement.

Shamrock's WinterCreteŽ is the perfect wintertime solution for slow set times and increased labor costs. WinterCreteŽ allows contractors to place and finish concrete in colder temperatures in the same amount of time that you would expect working in warmer conditions.